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Top Benefits, Bonuses, & Reasons to Join PlatformX Early

Top Benefits, Bonuses, & Reasons to Join PlatformX Early

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The Problem

Despite the 20-year history of the online freelancing industry, current online job platforms are still plagued with common problems such as scams, exploitations, and thousands of low-paying jobs. Adding a lot of insult to injury, most of these online job platforms have so much greed (focus on profits) that’s been detrimental to many freelancers. Moreover, thousands are still unable to find jobs because of unprecedented levels of competition.

The Solution

A serious, genuinely worker-focused alternative to Upwork and other incumbent platforms has long been overdue.

With PlatformX, an award-winning online jobs platform startup for and by freelancers, my goal as its founder is to address all of those problems and much more.

As a mentor, volunteer coach, and freelancer myself, I believe that freelancers should be treated with respect. If we treat freelancers well and focus on making them happy and fulfilled, they will work well and serve their clients even better.

If you feel the same way and believe in my cause and mission for a better online freelancing industry, I invite you and all PlatformX supporters and fellow visionaries to vote with your feet. Be part of the change you want to see in our world.

By joining as a PlatformX Founding Member, you will be helping build a real and ethical alternative online jobs platform that freelancers can be truly proud of.

Below, I present the top benefits and reasons why you should join PlatformX ahead of everybody else.

Integrity and keeping my word are extremely important to me. I have a sterling reputation to back this up (You can spend 30-60 minutes reading an incomplete list of my testimonials and feedback on this work-in-progress page here). What you see below are the PlatformX agenda and what you’ll get if you join as a PlatformX Founding Member.



Most of the bonuses below are for PlatformX Founding Members only, as a big “thank you” & reward for their early support.

Change requires action.

If you are struggling to find clients or good-paying jobs, are interested in what you see below (benefits, reasons, roadmap), and believe in our vision of a better freelancing industry, I highly suggest you join PlatformX as soon as you can.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Lao Tzu

Compelling Benefits, Bonuses, and Reasons Why You Should Join as a PlatformX Founding Member Ahead of Others

1. New Year, New Opportunity, New Hope!

Change requires action.

Joining PlatformX is one way to celebrate the New Year and Chinese New Year! Find jobs, increase your earnings and save more, make friends, and join our growing community (9,000 freelancers on the waitlist, and counting)!

2. PlatformX is Committed to Your Success!

Unlike all other platforms (some are totally hands-off while others help partially only), PlatformX is committed to your success (find better-paying jobs and save more). Others are committed primarily to profits they squeeze from freelancers like you.

3. Skilled Freelancers Will Earn at Least P40,000 to P100,000 Monthly

New freelancers can also earn such an amount by upgrading their skills through PlatformX’s future training offers.

4. Fairer and Higher Minimum Hourly Rate of $5-$15/hr

Skilled freelancers deserve better hourly rates. Barat clients will be non-existent on PlatformX sooner or later.

5. Inclusive: Extremely Affordable Membership

PlatformX is a membership-based jobs platform. PlatformX won’t charge commission fees or job application/proposal fees (“Connects”), which means you’d save up to P200,000 or more yearly.

Join PlatformX as a Founding Member for only P4,700 P6,500 per year (only P500+ a month!). This fee is exclusive to our earliest adopters, fellow visionaries, and most loyal supporters. This membership fee will remain fixed forever, while those who join later will pay much higher annual membership fees.

Join here

The annual membership fee will increase until and after launch (P30,000 and up) as we hire more employees, improve our platform’s benefits and features, and expand to more countries to find more clients, not to mention paying for lawyers here and abroad!

That is why NOW is the best time to join — before we launch PlatformX. Because you will lock in the pre-launch annual membership fee FOR LIFE.

By joining early, you’ll also get #27 below.

6. Save P200,000 a Year or More: Zero Commission Fees and No Job Application Fees (“Connects”)

Unlike Upwork and others, PlatformX will not ask you to pay for commission fees and job application fees, forever. You won’t have to pay to apply for jobs.

What you earn inside PlatformX goes to your pocket, not someone else’s or an investor’s pocket.

This means you will save up to P200,000 a year (or more) or TWO MILLION pesos every 10 years! Fellow Top Rated freelancers told me that’s how much Upwork charges them each year.

7. Join First = Hired First

PlatformX Founding Members will get private access and will be among the first to apply and be hired for the first few batches of job offers on our platform. I know clients who are ready and willing to test our platform. PlatformX itself will also hire internally.

8. Transfer Your Clients to PlatformX and Save More!

As mentioned in #6, you can get instant savings (and better protection) once you transfer to PlatformX from Upwork and other job platforms.

9. New Freelancers are Welcome and Provided For

Struggling or don’t know where to start? No worries, PlatformX will help you get started ASAP with tips, guides, training, and more! We’ll create a safe environment where you can find everything you need in one place.

10. Various Job Options and Ways to Earn for New, Semi-skilled, and Skilled Freelancers

PlatformX will offer part-time, full-time, short-term, long-term, and one-time projects. We’ll have jobs even before the official launch.

Join here

11. Less Competition = Better Hiring Chances

Upwork alone has +/- 15 million freelancers. Other job platforms have more. So it’s no surprise that there are hundreds or thousands of applicants for each job post.

On PlatformX, you’ll only be competing with dozens per job post, especially if you’re one of the Founding Members.

Less competition per job post means you have a better chance of getting hired. It’s not rocket science.

As PlatformX membership grows, we’ll implement relevant pre-planned measures which I’ll discuss in the future.

12. Much More Stringent Scam, Late Payment, and Non-Payment Protection

Upwork (a merger of oDesk and Elance), Freelancer, and other platforms have been around for over 20 years and yet they don’t care about the scams and fake jobs that remain prevalent in their platforms.

In contrast, PlatformX will address these issues right from the start. PlatformX clients will undergo a rigorous vetting process to lessen and eliminate the risk of PlatformX members getting scammed.

PlatformX will also proactively address late payment and non-payment issues of clients.

13 . Fair and Responsive Freelancer-Client Dispute Assistance

14. User-Friendly and Always Open to Your Feedback

We’ll make PlatformX as user-friendly as possible. PlatformX will listen and act upon community feedback. One of the goals is to make it the best platform for freelancers.

15. PlatformX = Not for Sale + Worker and Mission-Focused Forever

Join a company that we all own; one that values your feedback and is genuinely committed to your freelancing success.

16. Regular Webinars and (Online & In-Person) Training

Aside from webinars and training, PlatformX will offer internships as well so a lot more freelancers will be given a chance to learn and earn!

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here

17. Legal Assistance for PlatformX Members

Have a dispute that needs legal action? PlatformX will help you win your case by providing legal assistance. This is just one of many ways that PlatformX will take great care of its community.

18. Higher Chance to Join the PlatformX Team (Employees)

If you join as a PlatformX Founding Member, you’ll be a step ahead of dozens/hundreds of other qualified applicants who are already asking me about PlatformX team job openings.

Long-term or permanent work-from-home jobs for the right people. (10-20 years or more!)

PlatformX team members will enjoy lots of perks and benefits, including free laptop; electricity, food, and internet allowance; team travel (local and international!); and a 4-day/4.5-day workweek in the future!

19. Chance to Be an Employee of Future Job-Generating Startups (Gaming? 😉)

Joining PlatformX as a Founding Member will also qualify you to join our future high-impact startups.

Part of PlatformX’s future profits will be reinvested and used to create more jobs through future startups I’ll create. PlatformX is just the beginning.

20. Learn How to Invest and Grow Your Savings & Assets

PlatformX won’t stop at helping you find better-paying online jobs. We’ll also teach you how to grow your savings and increase your assets. You don’t have to work forever!

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here

21. Access to our Exclusive Community

We’ll foster a genuinely helpful and collaborative community.

22. Chance to Become Part of PlatformX Regional Leadership Teams

We’ll set up regional teams in the future, to help foster collaboration and create more success stories wherever you might be.

23. Travel Together, Work Together

Get a chance to meet, travel, and/or work with me, the PlatformX team, and other members! We’ll travel locally and internationally!

24. Fun, Events, and Community

Join fun and action-packed events (like the PlatformX Festival) and make lifelong, like-minded friends! I bet many would say this will be one of the best features/benefits of joining PlatformX!

25. Join Now = More Jobs, More Job-Generating Future Startups

PlatformX is just the beginning.

My ambitious goal is called “50 in 15” = 50 million people and freelancers impacted in 15 years!

We’ll create many more job-generating startups, like a play-to-earn gaming startup, etc. 😉 My friend and classmate is a veteran gaming developer. I’m sure many of you are gamers like me!

By joining now, you’ll help kickstart these high-impact, job-generating ventures! It’s a win-win for all!

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here

26. Become Part of Something Bigger Than You

Every once in a while, you get to take part in something that’s much bigger than yourself. This is one of those times.

By joining as a PlatformX Founding Member, you will help create an ethical and worker-focused alternative to current job platforms!

Show your support. Put your money where your mouth is, take action, and join us!

27. Your Name on the Exclusive Hall of Gratitude

If you join as an FM or Founding Member (first 1,000 members), you’re helping establish PlatformX from the ground up, and so we’ll add your name to the official public page of PlatformX’s Hall of Gratitude. Your name will be etched in history forever!

28. Win Bigger & Better Prizes in Regular Events & Contests

As an FM or Founding Member, you’d be entitled to better and special prizes (cash, gadgets, etc.) in upcoming events and contests.

29. Help Jumpstart PlatformX Charitable Initiatives

Soon after the PlatformX launch, I’ll start my charitable initiatives: “Give a laptop” project (giving free brand new and second-hand laptops and desktops to deserving freelancers to help them jumpstart their freelancing careers) and “Gig for a cause” (helping musicians and creatives earn while staying at home).

30. Fair and Responsive Customer Support

Upwork and other job platforms are notorious for having poor customer support and/or using “robotic scripts” when replying to their users. Not on PlatformX!

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here

31. Help Create First-And-Only Non-Profit/Foundation for Freelancers

By joining, you’ll help create the first-and-only non-profit and/or foundation for and/or by freelancers.

32. PlatformX is Just the Beginning. Millions of Jobs Later

My audacious goal is called “50 in 15“: 50 million people & freelancers impacted in 15 years! Currently, I’ve impacted and helped approximately 50,000 to 200,000 freelancers!

33. Other Surprise Benefits and Features

I shared a lot of PlatformX’s roadmap here but I’ll reveal a lot more benefits and features after the official launch! These are just part of the tip of the iceberg, believe it or not! 😉

Limited-Time, Limited-Quantity, and Surprise Bonuses


34. First 5 Members Only: Behind-the-Scenes Access; Meet-And-Greet Lunch With Team/Founder


35. First 100 Members = Legendary Founding Members

Legendary Founding Members or LFMs will get a very unique PlatformX online badge and receive the most exclusive perks, benefits, and bonuses.

Be Legendary to find out!

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here

36. Next 900 Members = Founding Members

Founding Members or FMs will get a very unique PlatformX online badge and receive (lower tier compared to LFMs’ yet still) exclusive perks, benefits, and bonuses.

37. Special or Early Access to our Freelancer Retirement Fund (Plus Other Funds)

You don’t have to work forever! Get access to our freelancer pension/retirement fund, financial assistance, and other member-exclusive funds.

38. Your Name on our Next Startup’s Hall of Gratitude

First 100 PlatformX Members: Aside from joining the PlatformX Hall of Gratitude, you’ll also be automatically added to the Hall of Gratitude of our next startup! You’d also be entitled to special bonuses and perks of that startup!

39. Bonuses for Top Founding Member Referrers

Top referrers (those who refer 10 or more paying Founding Members) will get a special in-platform badge and a special mention on the official Hall of Gratitude page.

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here

40. Laptop Giveaways

We’ll give away 1 brand new laptop if we reach 1,000 Founding members within one month (two if earlier!). As a sign of gratitude, we’ll give away more laptops along the way!

41. Surprise Bonus on Your 10th Year Anniversary With Us

Join now, become a PlatformX member for 10 years, and be the first to find out! To say that it will blow your mind is an understatement!

42. Various Surprise Bonuses

Various surprise bonuses will be revealed in the coming months and years! Your loyalty and support will be rewarded extremely well!

Join as a PlatformX Founding Member here



How You Can Help Make PlatformX a Reality

  1. Join PlatformX as a Founding Member
  2. Invite others to join
  3. Share this post with your relatives and friends
  4. Follow, Like, and Share our PlatformX FB page

Every once in a while, you get to take part in something that’s much bigger than yourself. This is one of those times. Show your support. Put your money where your mouth is and take action!

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