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OnlineJobsPlus helps online workers

OnlineJobsPlus resting on a tree 😀

Hello fellow freelancer!

If I shared the link to this blog post with you via email or PM (private message), read further.

There are 2 possible reasons I shared this link with you:


It means I’ve seen your message and I’d reply soon. I may be replying to other people’s messages at that time. I reply to each one on a first come, first served basis.


I may be resting at that time. On a tree. 😀

I usually reply within a few minutes or hours. But when I’m overwhelmed with messages (sometimes I get 10-30+ messages a day) or I’m busy, it might take time for me to reply, especially if I get complex questions or a long string of questions about online jobs or Upwork.

If I’m resting, or it’s a holiday or weekend, expect my reply within 6-48 hours. It might take longer if my wired PLDT sucks. 😂

Either way, expect a reply soon.

[If I don’t reply back after 48 hours, I may have received more messages from others, so feel free to send me a follow-up message]

The Reality is…

Remember, I’m doing this for free, so give me some time to address your messages.

I used to spend 10-30+ hours a week (for more than a year) addressing questions for free. Seriously, I lost time for sleep and doing online jobs. It was overwhelming but I cannot ignore online workers (especially new ones) asking for help. Launching this website has helped me spend less time answering repetitive questions and allowed me to help more people.

I help people to continue my volunteering tradition (since my Boy Scout days back in high school) and to honor my family, especially my (living and dead) grandparents.

Taking a rest day (or at least a few hours away from my inbox) allows me to recharge so I can keep helping others for a long time!

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