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Resource: Cooperatives

This is a living document where I list the cooperative-focused links I’ve found through research.


Coopstarter Project (Link)

United Kingdom

Cooperatives UK (Link)

The Hive (Link)

Start a co-operative by Co-operatives UK (Link)

Steps to starting a cooperative by Cultivate.Coop (Link)

Starting a Co-operative by Preston City Council (Link)

How to set up a Workers’ Co-op by Radical Routes (PDF Link)

Setting up a Workers’ Co-op by Seeds for Change (PDF Link)

Start a Housing Co-op by Co-operatives London (Link)


How to start a co-op by Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada (Link)

Why start a co-operative? by Canada Business Network (Link)

Creating a cooperative by Corporations Canada (Link)

Starting a co-operative by Canada Business Ontario (Link)

Canada Cooperatives Act (Link)

7 Steps to Starting a Co-op by CECNB (Link)

Starting a Worker Co-op: A Canadian Handbook by Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (Link)

Starting a Worker Co-op by Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (Link)

To Start or Not to Start by Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (Link)

Guide to Setting up a Co-operative by FSCO (PDF Link)


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