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OnlineJobsPlus Mentor A Teacher scholarship project

Our teachers are heroes

Now that my website is online, I can now spend more time on myself and the projects I’ve been wanting to focus on.

One of which is this “Mentor A Teacher” project or MAT.

For this first scholarship, I’m looking to mentor three skilled and deserving teachers for free (full scholarship). Ideally, there’d be a representative from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The rest would receive partial scholarship.

My goal is to help these teachers earn more (like extra P10,000 to P50,000 or more) so they can continue to teach and share their blessings to kids around the country.

I consider teachers as special beings that do a lot of good in our communities, that’s why they are focus #1 for my scholarship.

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Initial qualifications: must have skills so you can do online jobs (other than teaching, like graphic design, writing, etc.), personal laptop or computer, and a stable, ideally postpaid, internet connection. You should be willing to work 10-30 hours a week or more. Current and former teachers are qualified (proof required).

Once this project is successful, I would provide more partial and full scholarships to other teachers, as well as nurses, single moms, students, and PWDs (persons with disability). I’m very passionate about helping skilled workers to succeed in the online jobs industry. Learn more about my mission and goals in the About page of my website.

Share Far And Wide!

If you are a teacher, or know one who is qualified, please share this post with that person.

Coincidentally, the National Teacher’s Month is celebrated from September 5 to October 5 in the Philippines. September 28 is the local Teachers’ Day while October 5 is the World Teachers’ Day. My scholarship is a great way to honor our beloved teachers!

Selection Process and Mechanics

Read and follow carefully as strict filtering of unqualified applicants starts immediately:

  1. Like my Facebook page, OnlineJobsPlus, to get updates and join my Facebook group
  2. Fill out the OnlineJobsPlus Scholarship form
  3. Answer qualifying questions
  4. First to finish, first reviewed. So do it as fast and accurately as possible
  5. Limited to 10-50 scholars only (3 full scholars for every 50) for the first batch
  6. Selection period: continuous (until further notice)

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