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Have you experienced slow internet connection lately? You’re not alone.

Internet users, including freelancers, in certain areas of the country might have to endure a few more days or weeks of weaker-than-usual or zero internet connection.

PLDT announced on Thursday, September 21, that fiber optic transmission cables were damaged, “caused by civil works of a third party in Alabang”.

Because of this, certain areas in Las Piñas, Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Laguna, and sections of Mindanao will be experiencing slow or zero internet connection.

An internet user from Muntinlupa confirmed there was zero internet in his immediate area:

“…pasabi naman kay Du30 pasabugin niya ang PLDT kasi wala pa din internet sa muntinlupa e 4 days na”

I live in Cavite. Cavite was not mentioned in the news reports, but I’ve experienced weak internet connection for almost one week now.

At one time, internet slowed to a crawl — below 1 Mbps!

PLDT slow internet on September 21

PLDT slow internet on September 21

Videos, images, websites, and Facebook were affected based on my experience. This was confirmed by PLDT spokesman Ramon Isberto’s announcement that gaming portals and social media networks were affected.

PLDT said it might take three weeks (or until early-mid October) to completely fix the damaged transmission cables.

Earlier this month, one of PLDT’s undersea cable system has been severely affected by recent successive weather disturbances that lashed on Hong Kong and the nearby region. Globe Telecom, Converge ICT, and PLDT announced internet speeds were affected.

Typhoon Hato left a disastrous trail in Hong Kong, Macau, and Guangdong, China around August 23, which was followed just four days later by Severe Tropical Storm Pakhar.

Are you also affected and currently experiencing slow or zero internet too?

I hate it when internet is slow. I can’t contain my anger anymore, I’m going to transform now… 😅😅😅😅😅

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