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(Last update: September 2022)

Be sure to read this fully first:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About PlatformX Founding Membership

Upwork charges up to P200,000 (or more) yearly in commission fees. Why is the PlatformX annual membership so cheap? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. I made it extremely affordable to stay inclusive. I believe freelancers should have access to a jobs platform that is really serious about helping freelancers find better-paying jobs.

It’s also my way of saying “thank you” to our most loyal supporters; it’s a reward for their early support.

Building a company is really difficult. It takes a lot of resources (time, money, etc.).

By voting with your feet (and money), you’ll help build a real and ethical alternative online jobs platform that freelancers can be truly proud of.

it won’t stay too cheap for long. We’ll continuously increase the price until and after the launch as we make progress (hire more PlatformX employees, improve the platform’s features, etc.).

Why should I join as a Founding Member? What will I miss if I don’t join now?

There are over 40 benefits, bonuses, and reasons to join now than later. Read this fully:

Why should I trust you?

  • I’m extremely passionate about effecting massive change and impact in the freelancing space and the world as a whole
  • I’m an unprecedented & multi-awarded Boy Scout, student leader, and athlete
  • I’ve been helping, coaching, and mentoring new, struggling, and skilled freelancers since 2013/2014
  • I’m the only freelancer in the Philippines (and one of only 2 in the world) with published Stanford University-led, online jobs-related research papers here (search for “Jeff Regino”)
  • I have unmatched helping and free coaching stats: I’ve helped 5,000+ freelancers on Messenger and created well over 10,000 group posts and comments, and still counting, aside from doing voluntary group admin/moderator work for 6 years; Dozens/hundreds of freelancers got jobs because of my free advice/help
  • I’m a Finalist and Top 3 [PlatformX] in my cohort (Bridge for Billions, a Spain-based impact startup  incubator) and got featured here
  • I’m a multi-awarded oDesk and Upwork freelancer (with a long-inactive Top Rated-candidate agency)
  • I have unmatched freelance mentoring stats in the Philippines: a success rate of 80% (i.e. 8 out of 10 students of mine got hired within a week or less) and a satisfaction rate of 100%
  • I’ve been personally invited (by the org.’s director) to join the Platform Coop conference in New York in 2019; I’m likely the only Filipino to be invited ever
  • I have unmatched volunteering stats: thousands of feedback and testimonials from freelancers I’ve helped here (testimonials page)
  • I own, manage, and/or moderate many Facebook groups for 6 years for free. I approve group join requests, pending posts, and keep them clean (I’ve removed thousands of spams & scams) and organized. Here’s just one group (with over 230,000 members) where you can see thousands of my posts and comments — check here & here

PlatformX hasn’t launched and yet it is an award-winning startup. How’s that possible?

I joined a Spain-based impact startup incubator (Bridge for Billions) and became a Finalist and Top 3 in my cohort and even got featured here

Why hasn’t PlatformX launched yet?

Because building a serious online jobs platform is hard. There’s a lot of careful pre-planning, logistics, and resources involved. If it wasn’t hard, everybody would’ve done it. In the past 20 years, there’s been no serious, genuinely worker-focused platform that surfaced.

I’m a new freelancer, is this for me?

If you’re interested to succeed in freelancing, then yes, definitely. PlatformX will offer various job types to new, semi-skilled, and skilled freelancers.

Will PlatformX help me find a job?

Yes. If you are genuinely skilled and committed, there’s a really good chance you’ll find jobs on PlatformX, especially if you join early when there’s much, much less competition. Join first = hired first!

My audacious goal is for all genuinely skilled PlatformX members to get hired. Meanwhile, we’ll give training to new and less-skilled freelancers.

Of course, this goal will take a long time to materialize. It won’t be easy. It’s a step-by-step process.

I already have a client. Should I still join?

Yes, you should. So you can have access to more jobs and our perks, discounts, and more such as our exclusive funds (emergency, retirement, savings funds, etc.). For more information, read this fully:

How will I earn money on PlatformX?

There will be various ways for new and skilled freelancers to earn (part-time, one-time, full-time, etc.). Details will be shared in the future.

We’ll also have CYOJ or Create Your Own Job. If your offer/skill is useful, we might consider making it happen. You might even get a chance to work with the PlatformX team (employees)!

What makes PlatformX different from Upwork and other platforms?

There are many differences.

PlatformX is mission and freelancer-focused. It’s not for sale. PlatformX won’t charge commission fees and proposal fees (“connects”). PlatformX will be open to feedback and acting on them for the improvement of our platform.

I’ve also listed many here:

(Comparison chart soon)

Will you offer training and internships?

Yes, both and many more, are part of the roadmap in the coming months and years. It’s a step-by-step process.

How can I protect/lock in my Founding Membership slot?

You can only lock in your slot by choosing to 1. pay for your slot (guaranteed option) or 2. join free by inviting the required number of Founding Members* to pay during the future payment window. Details will be emailed later.

Slots are fluid until the payment window and verification period end. FMs can move up or down the list depending on the action that you and others take.

Do you accept installments?

As of September, we’re now accepting installments. Message us for more details.

Now is the best time to join because we offer the lowest membership fee to our early-bird supporters (P4,700 only now P6,500). We’ll never offer this extremely cheap fee again and we’ll gradually increase the membership fee as we make progress (post-launch: P30,000 and beyond).

Who should I invite to get a free annual membership?

Founding Members should only invite friends and relatives, ideally, those who are skilled and/or experienced and interested in freelancing/working from home. We aim to create a high-quality and passionate community.

Those who join during the first week (Feb.9 to 15) need to invite 3 paying Founding Members. Meanwhile, those who join from the 2nd week onwards need to invite 4*, and those who join post-launch need to invite 5*.

Kindly check the email updates for more details.

* PWDs, nurses, students, teachers, seniors, and single parents are exempted; they only need to invite 3

Next steps after filling out the Founding Membership form?

The next steps will be provided through email updates to the Founding Members.

It’s a step-by-step process. Thanks for your patience.

Will you offer a refund?

Yes, if PlatformX fails to launch.

Why don’t you have investors?

I found it extremely hard to find investors who are 1. not so greedy and more importantly 2. aligned with my vision and mission for PlatformX.

I also reached out to many local government agencies, LGUs, and senators (even the famous ones). They didn’t help, so the success of PlatformX is all up to our community. I’m still open to investors but I’m confident we can make it without them!

Do you accept donations and investments?

Yes, PlatformX is open to donations and investments before launch. (subject to due diligence)

Donations above P5,000 will entitle you to join the PlatformX Hall of Gratitude (see details of #27 here). Investors will enter into a legal contract with us.

We’ll inform you when we’re ready. Email:

What if I have more questions? Can I give feedback too?


Email me if my posts/articles haven’t addressed your PlatformX-related concerns.

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