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PlatformX, world's first-and-only fair online jobs platform of its kind

The Gig Economy Continues to Deteriorate

The current online jobs platforms, part of the so-called gig economy, continue to get worse as the years go by. Higher fees, account suspensions, registration rejections, low/no pay, and scams continue to proliferate and I hear, read, and get messages about these almost daily.

I’ve waited at least six years for a new online jobs platform that is fair and worker focused to emerge. Unfortunately, it has never come. So I’ve decided to try and build it myself.

Seeking Mission-Aligned Funding

I’ve been silently volunteering my time (spent 10,000 hours and helped over 4,000 workers, and still counting!) almost daily since 2015 (through various initiatives) and helped thousands of workers for free, and so suffice it to say, I don’t have the huge requisite money to jumpstart and sustain this new initiative.

Since late-2017, I’ve reached out to many grantmakers, angel investors, VCs, and even local government agencies (Philippines) for a specific kind of funding support: non-dilutive funding like grants, low-/no-interest loans, and angel/impact investments. I found out first-hand that it’s rare and very difficult to find values and mission-aligned funders.

Fortunately, I can use crowdfunding (fundraising) to get funding support from workers and backers who want to join an online jobs platform that puts workers first, ahead of profits.

PlatformX: The World’s First for Many Reasons

PlatformX Accelerated Impact Model

PlatformX’s Accelerated Impact Model

PlatformX, the online jobs platform we’re building is nothing like you’ve seen before. We will build it for and with the workers. In other words, the workers’ voices will be heard, and we’ll build a safe and genuinely supportive community.

PlatformX’s goal is to create at least 50 million successful online freelancers in 15-20 years.

PlatformX is a membership-based online jobs platform where membership is optional.

But, just like a cooperative, workers who join PlatformX as members are considered co-owners of the company and will enjoy many exclusive perks and benefits, including ZERO commission fees, which means members save at least P25,000 to P100,000 yearly (or much, much more if you’re an expert in your field).

In other words, at least P25,000 to P100,000 goes straight to your pocket yearly instead of going to the online job platforms in the form of fees.

Summary of benefits and perks for members

  • Members enjoy zero commission fees (save up to P100,000 yearly)
  • Profit-sharing (Members get a share of the company’s profits)
  • Members can provide feedback and suggestions to help steer the direction of the company
  • Members can earn from two types of jobs (non-members can only accept one type of job)
  • Members get priority customer support and dispute resolution
  • Members get access to free and discounted training
  • Members enjoy many other surprise exclusive benefits (to be announced)

The founding members (the first 1,000 worker-members to join) will enjoy the lowest membership fees ever. They will also get a special badge and be added to the Hall of Gratitude page.

Join as a Founding Member Now

Fill out this form if you’re interested to join as a Founding Member (first 1,000 worker-members who join pre-launch):

  • Legendary Founding Member (earliest 100 joiners)
  • Super-early Founding Member (next 100 joiners)
  • Early Founding Member (next 300 joiners)
  • Founding Member (next 500 joiners)
  • Post-launch regular member (1001st member onwards)

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