PlatformX Accelerated Impact Model

PlatformX’s Accelerated Impact Model (AIM)

PlatformX is an online jobs platform powered by a cooperative social enterprise (business with a purpose). It will be a platform cooperative hybrid using the FairShares multi-stakeholder model.

A Series of World Firsts

PlatformX will be the world’s first and only one of its kind to:

  • promote fair-pay jobs (microtasks and macrotasks; see FAQ)
  • give workers a voice in improving and steering the platform
  • have a built-in charitable component and conduct charitable initiatives (thru democratic philanthropy or community-driven philanthropy)
  • provide pro-worker dispute resolution, social security and other benefits
  • provide a genuine, supportive community
  • offer zero commissions or profit/surplus sharing
  • use the FairShares model
  • promote the spirit of giving, volunteering, and paying it forward to help make the world a better place — faster

Backed by volunteer advisors highly experienced in the gig economy, commons, social enterprise, and cooperative sectors, PlatformX will address 15 out of 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) directly and indirectly through various initiatives.


PlatformX has roots going back to 2013 and is building off of various initiatives since 2014, including OnlineJobsPlus (thru mentoring and volunteer coaching to nearly 4,000 online workers) and Stanford University’s Stanford Crowd Research Collective which I’ve joined for nearly 3 years until 2018 (our published papers are listed here; search for “Jeff Regino”).

At the Stanford Crowd Research project, we created Daemo, which has been featured in:

  • the ILO (International Labor Organization)
  • various websites like Wired, Medium, Pacific Standard, The Nation, P2P Foundation, Shares & Workers, Comune Info (Italian), Il Manifesto (Italian), (French), Le Monde (French), Wired Japan, Gartner’s Talent Daily, Civic Hall’s Vital Sensors
  • research-related websites (including Arvix, CiteSeerX, SemanticScholar,,, ResearchGate)
  • and in books like “Design Thinking Research. Looking Further: Design Thinking Beyond Solution-Fixation” by Christoph Meinel and Larry Leifer, and “The Job: Work and Its Future in a Time of Radical Change” by Ellen Ruppel Shell


Our vision is an online jobs industry with no exploitation, scams, precarity, and financial instability.


Our mission is to provide and promote fair pay, financial security, voice, and a genuinely supportive community to online workers worldwide.


Initial ambitious goal: create at least 100,000 to 500,000 jobs worldwide in 5-10 years.

“50 in 15”: an audacious goal to create jobs, provide skills, and impact the lives of 50 million freelancers in 15 years.

The ultimate goal is to create a Mondragon Corporation-like federation of social enterprises, cooperatives, community land trust/affordable housing co-ops, credit unions, and other impact and job-generating enterprises worldwide.

Volunteer Advisors

PlatformX Volunteer Advisors

I’m extremely privileged and thankful that I have five volunteer advisors so far (1 private, 4 public). They’re highly experienced in the gig economy, commons, cooperative, and social enterprise sectors and will help guide me in this arduous but exciting journey.

  • Michel Bauwens, Founder of P2P Foundation (Thailand/Belgium)
  • Kristy Milland, Labor activist and Founder of TurkerNation (Canada)
  • Cliff Southcombe, Founder of Social Enterprise International Ltd. and FairShares Association (UK)
  • Sion Whellens, Co-founder of Worker Co-op Solidarity Fund and an advisor and director (UK)

PlatformX: Finalist and Top 3 in an Online Global Incubator

Last February, I joined the 3-month Leap program by Bridge For Billions, a Spain-based online incubator. As part of our cohort’s graduation, we had to announce our work publicly thru social media. And that includes the simple video pitch you saw above.

I did not win our cohort’s competition, but I reached the finals and became Top 3. And the unexpected icing on the cake of publicizing on Facebook was…

See You in New York!

Last June, I had the honor of getting an invitation from Trebor Scholz (Director, Institute for the Cooperative Digital Economy at The New School ICDE) to present PlatformX at the Platform Coop Conference in New York this coming November!

Now, I just need to renew my passport and get a US visa!

Platform Coop Conference Invitation

Platform Coop Conference 2019 Formal Invitation (Redacted)

Support PlatformX (Crowdfunding and/or Investment)

Our Founding Supporters will be published on a prominent “Hall of Gratitude” page of PlatformX’s website.

Crowdfunding (or fundraising) would be done through crowdfunding platforms StartSomeGood, GoGetFunding, or Indiegogo, or internally thru this website (PayPal/bank).

Get updates and express your interest by filling out one or both forms below:
Crowdfunding form and investment form

You’d be able to post questions or comments on both forms. Thank you!

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