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GMA News TV Ang Pinaka in-demand online jobs

Ang Pinaka, a Sunday “listicle” show of GMA News TV hosted by Rovilson Fernandez, recently revealed the top 10 online jobs in high demand based on their research.

If you missed the show, here’s the list in descending order:

  1. Web designer/web developer
  2. Online English Tutor/ESL teacher
  3. Data encoder
  4. Graphic artist/designer
  5. SEO specialist
  6. Social media manager
  7. Content writer/Copywriter
  8. Transcriber/Transcriptionist
  9. Application developer
  10. Call center representative

The show did not provide enough details about each job (the show was just 15-30 minutes long).

Take note: several jobs in the list are broad terms or simply not the same. For example, there are differences between a graphic artist and a graphic designer, and a web designer and web developer; while there’s a huge difference between a content writer and a copywriter.

Data encoder is quite a broad term, but it is not related to those copy-paste, captcha jobs which are illegal. You’d often see this scam data encoding jobs on Facebook and elsewhere, disguised as legit jobs or as part of “legit” networking businesses.

Meanwhile, transcriber and transcriptionist mean the same thing. I believe this is also true for online English tutor and ESL teacher.

Is your skill included in the list? Comment below and let me know!

You can watch the video summary below:

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